Links to Christian Sites

Active Spidering Search Engine
: Christian search engine with 25,000 links

ACW World (appalachain championship wrestling): a family based pro-wrestling promotion dedicated to spreading the word of God; located in Casar, NC — where T & A stands for talent & ability

American Portrait Films: offers over 30 Christian creation science videos, young earth creationism videos, and other creationist topics, as well as 100 other thought provoking pro-life — pro-family videos a ministry and future cartoon featuring angel kitties, jackalopes, unicorns, sea dragons and a flying squirrel. Even adults look at the Angelpaws characters and go “Awwww”

Arrival Christian Promotions
: promotion and booking agency for Christian artists that’s spreading the good news of Jesus Christ through the mediums of music and the performing arts

Brother Ig

Catholic Canada: a Canadian search engine of Catholic sites and resources on the Web

Christian Actors Web Site: a place for Christian actors and artists to network, share information, news, advice and encouragement a not-for-profit mega-site freely providing biblical answers to contemporary questions asked online by Christians and non-Christians alike

Christian Fiction: novels by J. Brandon Barnes available in several formats including Acrobat, RealAudio, and VRML Christian and homeschool resource center by the Howard Family in Japan. Information on Christianity, homeschooling, parenting0 and more

The Christian Link: a searchable Internet directory with links to thousands of Christian sites around the world in over 60 categories

Christian Online Dating Sites: A fine set information and tools for Christian singles.

Christian Sphere: a Christian online community with lots a Christian would want from the net, including chat, music, pen pals, forum, bible tools, wallpapers, games and more

Christian Study Center: a network of designers, ministers, missionary organizations, researchers, and writers building a place where all believers, whether Jewish or Christian, can learn, study, and grow as one body

Cross Comix Publications & ArmorMan Ministries: Christian comic book crosses earthly and spiritual plains with heaven’s flying angels and hell’s demons fighting for power. God’s Word powers ARMORMAN with armor for battle links to awesome Christian sites that you can vote for. You’ll find Bible, chat, churches, jobs, music, reviews, software, theology, a Christian search engine, and more

CrossWork Music: a band located in Gainesville, FL, whose music blends jazz, blues, and contemporary pop with rich, engaging, and powerful lyrics; allowing the Holy Spirit to create a musical atmosphere in which people can experience an intimate and significant encounter with God

Crucified Saints: Gospel hip-hop group whose music addresses social ills that attack adults, youth and generations to come

Dafilled: a hip hop trio with a mission to save the souls of America’s youth. Playing everywhere from churches to juvenile detention centers, they strive beyond selling albums to instead bringing biblical principles to every person that they come in contact with

Davidic Dance: a physical expression of praise, thanksgiving and joy to Elohim. Workshops and videos are avaliable. Davidic dance can play an important role in uniting Jewish and gentile believers in praising the Lord

David’s Dance Music: the expressive vocal styling of Ernest J. Lee and the “Spirit of David” proves their conviction and denotes that they are commissioned by God almighty

Doug’s Imagination: Christian artist Doug Tennant provides communication solutions for illustration and graphic design

DramaShare: assisting in Christian drama ministry worldwide with a full range of resources for the amateur or professional including script writing assistance, makeup, lighting and sound, puppetry and clowning

Faith Film: a Christian filmmaker resource including cast & crew listings, production lists, Christian film news, articles, trailers, short films and message boards

Family-Friendly Sites: supports the online safety of family members using the Internet

Fish the Net: tools for the online evangelist designed to help you to share the Good News online, and in your cities and towns

Flags for Worship: a study with valuable information about the Biblical uses of colors, flags & banners; as well as flag making tips

For This Christian Youth GeNeRaTiOn: dedicated to providing a place for Christian youth finding their way in this new age culture

Free Holy Bible Program: King James version, free Bible software, Bible studies

Furches Family Ministries
: Mike Furches has come out of a background that included gangs, drugs, abuse and poverty. He now pastors a church and is a freelance writer and motivational speaker. His movie reviews have been read by millions across the world and he has spoken all over North America. This Web site is intended to make all people feel welcome — whether they accept Mike’s Christian beliefs or not

God Knows: What It’s Like to be a Teenager: book for teens and much more — Jesus as a teenager, psalms and teen life, links, punks, author’s rantings and his near-death experience!

God’s Hip Hop House
: your gateway to the Christian rap/hip-hop industry featuring pictures, links, reviews, music, and interviews from all your favorite artists tips and ideas for church Websites that help you reach the community, and really touch people

Grace Cafe
: Java for the soul. They don’t serve weak coffee or watered down Christianity. Cool music and lots of other stuff you need to know

Happy Gospel Boogie band a happy concert recorded live Norway with a gospel choir, boogie woogie piano, brass & violin

Hollywood Jesus: Pop culture from a spiritual point of view; with movie reviews, and exploration into the deeper meaning behind film, music and pop culture a watering hole for Christian computer users

Jericho Christian Television
: dedicated to the service of the Lord, their vision combines audio, video, and Internet in such ways as to meet the challenges of evangelism and teaching in the 21st century

Kids like Ours: believes that every child born, no matter their race, creed, or parent’s financial status, is capable of greatness. KLO offers children’s downloadable educational games and projects, a book store, message board, parenting tips and much more a user-friendly search engine specifically designed for everything related to pregnancy, parenting, child development, work-at-home parents, and young kids

Living Gallery: Christian art gallery offering gifts, the Bible, paintings & Christian art

Ministry Helps: helpful resources for Christian ministry

New Life Harvest Ministries: celebrates the “Miraculous” events that happen daily in the lives of the folks that live in the Marks Village / “Gate City” housing in Birmingham, AL

One Day in May: a new film by Double-Edged Entertainment

One Small Barking Dog: specializes in creative communication fused with Christian spirituality to the emerging culture

PCS Electrical: dedicated to delivering high quality electrical installation and security systems for business and residential property owners

Peggie’s Place
: a fun ‘n faith Christian home on the Web, provides exciting resources for the entire family — devotions, holidays, kid and teen pages, music, Bible study, educational links, daily inspiration and humor, a fun ‘n faith newsletter and much more — including virtual chocolate everywhere!

The Phantom Tollbooth
: an on-line magazine that publishes a wide range of album, concert and movie reviews, interviews, features and resource links from a Christian perspective

Pierced Music
: a Christian rock band from Lafayette, LA that joins the forces of the Lord with Shawn Carter, Ben Broussard, Mark Dunbar, Matt Barber, and Garett Thibodeaux to create the unique sound that is so Pierced — a concoction of love and blessing

Proud 2B Catholic

Rapture Books: Christian books for sale based on end times bible prophecy including the rapture of the church, the great tribulation and rule of the antichrist

Reality Check Press: publishes teaching CDs and e-books on the Jewish roots of our faith and other worship topics; and offers personalized covenant marriage certificates and messianic ketubot. Come explore!

Repent 180
: an alternative straight-edge clothing company that’s founded on the Chief Cornerstone, offering a new choice in spiritually grounded garments, that promote a positive vibe

: a true-to-life serial comic strip journey to spiritual freedom in Jesus, will cause you to laugh, cry, think, study, pray and hope a reliable source for custom 1″ buttons

Upbeats: a home for independent musicians, authors, artists, and more through full-service support, impassioned creativity, and leading edge technologies

Urban Ministry Institute: a training institution that equips leaders for the urban church — especially among the poor — in order to advance the Kingdom of God

World Impact: a nationwide, interdenominational, Christian discipling and church-planting ministry dedicated to ministering God’s love in the inner cities of America by nurturing urban disciples that join us in teaching the gospel

the world of 
XeNoMoRpH: extreme Christian music site. Concert pictures from the DP-festival, BobFest and other festivals

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