About the Director

Director Alan Vint knows all aspects of the film creative process.

As an actor, his resume includes lead roles in classic films liks “Panic In Needle Park,” “Badlands,” “Macon County Line” and “Two Lane Blacktop.” He has worked with, among others, Al PacinoRobert Duvall and Nick Nolte.

Alan’s writer writer credits include two one-act plays performed at the Actor’s Studio, then again at the MET Theatre.

He has directed a number of plays, and has been instrumental in working with actors to interpret their roles — most notably Nick Nolte (“Farewell to the King”) and Jim Gammon (for Sam Shepard‘s “Lie of the Mind”).

In addition, Alan was head of development for Robert Urich Productions, and helped Mr. Urich with the analysis and interpretation of his trademark character in “Spencer for Hire.”

You can find out more about Alan at his Web site:


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