Reversal on DVD

Reversal on DVD
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  • Bonus footage and commentary by Kurt Angle, Kendall Cross, Cael Sanderson, Danny Hodge, Sting, Carl Lewis, Shannon Miller and other guests.
  • Movie commentary from Kendall Cross, Oklahoma U Coach Jack Spates and producer James Petulla.
  • Nutrition and training the right way!
    Weight management education and tips from nutrition experts and pro athletes.
  • The Wrestling Hall of Fame Virtual Tour, including recent inductions of Bruce Baumgartner, Jim Scherr and Kendall Cross.
  • Title IX segment -- Help save college wrestling from extinction!
  • Music Composer Jeff Danna "unplugged."
  • Spanish Subtitles.
  • Access to exclusive online features.
  • and much more!
  • Original music from the movie by award-winning composer Jeff Danna, plus "I'm Eighteen" by Dokken, "Tomorrow's Goodbye" by Lynyrd Skynyrd and more!

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